Weatherize Your Home

It is easy and inexpensive to weatherize your home or rental. You can save the most money on heating bills by sealing the cracks.

  • Caulk:
    Caulk, commonly used around bathtubs, pipes, and plumbing fixtures, is also great for reducing drafts around leaky windows and doors and it’s available in safe, nontoxic varieties.

  • Window shrink-wrap:
    Drafts around windows can increase heating bills by up to 30 percent. Window shrink-wrap kits, or window insulation kits, come with sheets of plastic film and super-strength doubled-sided tape. It’s easy to use.

  • Draft stoppers:
    Cold air runs underneath doors and to prevent this draft use draft stoppers (draft dodgers and door snakes). Use them by closed doors or on window ledges to block winter drafts from entering a room. Additionally, they come in handy when sealing off garages, basements, attics and rooms you are not using.


Assistance Program

Receive free assistance to help you (homeowners or renters) save money by reducing energy waste.

Services typically include:
• Smoke Detectors
• Dryer Venting
• Air Leakage Reduction
• Wall Insulation
• Attic Insulation and Ventilation
• Foundation Insulation
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in your area.
  • Water heater blankets:
    Wrapping your water heater with a water heater blanket can reduce heat loss. There are varieties with different insulation amounts in them. The more insultation in them, the higher the price is.

  • Foam outlet gaskets:
    Adding foam outlet gaskets will help prevent cold air escaping electric outlets.

    To install, turn the power off, unscrew the outlet cover/switch plate, apply sealer as directed, replace the cover/switch plate, and you’re done. If you’ve installed gaskets around unused outlets and still notice a chill, use plastic child safety plugs as an alternative.

  • Attic stair covers:
    Attic stair covers are essentially well-insulated lids or boxes designed to keep cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer relegated to the attic and can be either purchased or constructed yourself, if you’re so inclined. Prices for store-bought attic stair covers vary. Prices could go from $42 to $200 depending on the quality.

  • Flue Damper:
    When the fireplace is not in use, keep the flue damper tightly closed. A chimney is designed specifically for smoke to escape to until you close it, warm air escapes 24 hours a day.

  • Chimney Balloons:
    The Chimney Balloon, a reusable and durable draft-stopper inserts and then fully inflates inside a chimney. The Chimney Balloon comes in various sizes

    (measure before buying) and fits snugly above or beneath the fireplace’s damper, the metal flapper device that you open and close each time you start and finish a fire.