Propane Heats Your Home

Propane is an efficient fuel used by over 300,000 Michigan residents to heat their homes.

Like all other heating fuel types have certain properties to be aware of, including propane. 

For instance, propane is naturally colorless, odorless and tasteless—that’s why a rotten-egg smell is added to it so you can easily recognize it. 

If ever you smell a rotten-egg smell, follow the instructions below:

If You Smell Gas, Immediately:

  • PUT OUT all smoking materials, turn off open flames
  • DO NOT operate lights, appliances, telephones, cellphones
  • GO OUTSIDE, away from the home
  • If safe, CLOSE or SHUT OFF the main gas supply valve – turn it to the right (clockwise)
  • CALL your propane supplier immediately about the leak or call 911
  • DO NOT go back into the home until a propane provider, emergency responder or qualified service technician gives you the OK

How to Read a Tank Gauge:

If You Suspect a Gas Leak:

How to Turn off a Propane Tank:

What You Can Do

  • Regardless of heating fuel type you use, it’s important to be familiar with it.
  • Keep your furnace, and other propane appliances in working order by following the instruction manual.
  • Have your propane furnace and other propane appliances regularly checked by your propane supplier or service technician.

Propane Tank Properties

Propane tanks are:

  • made of carbon steel
  • 20-times more puncture resistant than tanks filled with gasoline, ethanol, or methanol 
  • equipped with safety valves to prevent a leak and overfilling