The summer months are the best time to get the lowest price on propane. “Even with ample propane supplies, it pays to sign propane contracts now – instead of waiting for the heating season ”  –– Valerie Brader, MAE Executive Director
Pre-pay Plan - offered during the summer and allow you to pre‐purchase propane at a fixed price. - allows you to know your expense ahead of time and avoid price spikes. Budget Plan - spread your projected annual propane cost over several months, in equal payments. - can lessen the financial burden associated with the onset of winter. Price-cap and fixed-price Plan - provides a guaranteed per‐gallon price for propane used during the heating season. - your price will not exceed your established price‐cap price per gallon, but can go down if the current market price drops. - some plans require an initial fee - price cap options typically have a higher per‐gallon price than fixed price plans. Propane dealers offer a variety of pricing agreements and delivery options. Get to know your propane supplier and their products and services.
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